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Hi. I’m Steve Benmor.

You can read all about my credentials and accomplishments in my bio at my full-service family law firm, Benmor Family Law Group. Here, I’d like to share something more meaningful with you. I’d like to tell you why I created Benmor Family Law Strategies – to offer 30-minute Divorce Strategy Sessions.

I’ve been a divorce lawyer and family law specialist for over 30 years. I’ve seen it all and done it all, and like you, I’m tired of the emotionally depleting, financially draining, soul-destroying process of divorce. I realized there has to be a better way. A way to simply provide you with the answers to your most burning questions when you need them, so you can sleep at night, make critical decisions about your next legal steps, and confidently move forward with your life.

First, I noticed a
disturbing trend

The legal community has been discussing the crisis in Family Law and the problem with access to justice in Ontario for a long time. The costs of legal representation has grown beyond what most people can reasonably afford, the courts are choking with the demand, and senior counsel have become inaccessible either because they’re booked up or too expensive. The result? People facing divorce are seeking alternatives. Whether they ultimately represent themselves or not, many face obstacles they can’t overcome, or a bully they can’t assail. At some point, many otherwise decisive, proactive people freeze with the fear of uncertainty.

I realized there has to be a better way.

I’ve always wanted to help more people get through their divorce with confidence, but knew that I could only offer full-service representation to a handful of clients at a time.

In response to the demand, I started to experiment with a new service. I offered to guide a few individuals who were already in the throes of their divorce, some with and some without legal representatives. We’d speak in real-time whenever they found themselves wrestling with questions about moving forward. I would give them advice about being strategic with their next legal moves, how to stay on track with their
goals, take the steam out of the opposing side’s tactics, and flag issues that could result in significant losses down the road.

The feedback I received

meant the world to me

In some cases, marriages were saved. In others, victims of domestic abuse were able to establish a position of power. Some clients were able to avoid major losses of support or property because I taught them crucial negotiation tools.

It was gratifying to see how these Divorce Strategy Sessions allowed me to help more families in such a practical way. Still, I hadn’t considered making these Strategy Sessions more widely available until my own marriage ended.

I lost a lot. But I gained a lot.

What I learned from my own divorce

I walked a mile in my clients’ shoes and learned some life-shifting lessons.

I’ll spare you the details of the case. Suffice it to say that my lawyer and my wife’s lawyer did what most family law lawyers typically do — they got right to work. One lawyer sent a letter, the other replied, and soon thousands of dollars were wasted on correspondence phone calls and legal documents.

In retrospect, the case could have been resolved more humanely, efficiently, and affordably, if I had the opportunity to talk through the strategy first. Even I would have benefited from sorting things through with someone who could bring objectivity, wisdom, and insight to my situation. It would have been immensely helpful to discuss my questions, goals, non-negotiables, and areas where I was willing to compromise before we jumped into a long and expensive divorce process. If I had a strategy in place before we took legal action, I could have avoided unnecessary escalation of emotion and conflict. Our children could have been spared significant anguish. I could have saved a lot of money. I could have generated better results, faster and in a more respectful way.

That’s when I understood the immense value of a Divorce Strategy Session and got the idea to offer the Strategy Sessions to a wider audience.

An idea whose time has come:

Senior legal counsel delivered with surgical precision in
30-minute Divorce Strategy Sessions

As lawyers gain experience, they grow in their ability to help others. They learn to cut through the issues, get to the heart of the matter, understand the likely outcomes, and master the skills needed to achieve the best results. But they also get busier and more expensive. It can be difficult to access the lawyers who are at the top of their game. And as a result, not enough people get the expert guidance they deserve.

After devoting 30 years to resolving family conflict, I feel a responsibility to improve access to justice by supporting more individuals who are currently lost in the system.

By offering 30-minute Divorce Strategy Sessions, I can do just that.

Let me help you

through your divorce, one call at a time

Whether you’re just beginning to contemplate separation, trying meditation,
or knee-deep in high conflict litigation, ask yourself if you:

  • Are at a disadvantage because of a lack of information or other power imbalance
  • Are concerned that your lawyer may be leading you down the wrong path
  • Feel afraid of making mistakes because you don’t understand the process or the law
  • Can’t afford, or are unwilling, to retain a lawyer to handle your entire case
Don’t accept the status quo as your only option

Empower yourself to be your

own best advocate

Now you can access a seasoned Divorce Lawyer & Family Law Strategist to swiftly analyze your situation, answer your burning questions, and help you move confidently towards your best results.

Anytime you feel stuck, you can book a Divorce Strategy Session to get the clarity you need to be confident that you are making the right legal moves to protect yourself, your children, and your assets.

This is

a better way

I’ve reserved several time-slots each week to give you access to objective analysis, expert advice, and intelligent strategies that are needed to get through the most difficult parts of the divorce process. Select a time that works for you. Then use our online intake form to provide your relevant background information, and submit your questions. There’s no commitment or retainer. Just the advice you need, when you need it.