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Divorce can be overwhelming.

If you’re worried about:

  • Getting separated but you don’t know what comes next
  • Making mistakes because you don’t understand the legal process
  • Your spouse’s threats and their lawyer’s demands
  • Getting stuck in a never-ending process of negotiation or litigation
  • Receiving the wrong advice from your lawyer
  • Losing critical parenting, support, and property battles that can impact you and your children for years to come

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from a seasoned Divorce Lawyer & Family Law Strategist

After 30 years of practicing divorce law, Steve Benmor understands how exhausting, expensive, and nerve-wracking divorce can be. He knows that there are many places where you can get stuck and filled with anxiety, doubt and fear.

Now you can get expert legal help at crucial stages of the divorce process.

Mr. Benmor is a highly sought-after divorce law expert who has successfully guided over 1000 clients through their separation. He recognizes that hiring a full-service law firm is not feasible or appropriate in every situation. Even if you have a lawyer, sometimes you need strategic advice so you can guide your lawyer in a direction that supports your goals.

That’s why Mr. Benmor offers 30-minute Divorce Strategy Sessions for people who are getting separated or divorced, whether they have a lawyer or not. As a result of his extensive experience, he can quickly evaluate your situation from all angles and get to the heart of the matter. Mr. Benmor will provide the strategic insight, answers, and guidance you need to make your next divorce decision with clarity and confidence – one session at a time.

Here’s how it works:

If you are getting separated or divorced and you’re struggling with your next decision, simply book a Divorce Strategy Session to get the expert guidance you need. Our online intake system will lead you through the process to provide your background and priority questions to Mr. Benmor.

Mr. Benmor’s vast experience and expertise enables him to analyze your unique situation, answer your specific questions, and guide you through the legal process – all in one 30-minute session.

No commitment. No retainer fee.

Step 1:

Schedule a 30-minute Divorce Strategy Session

Book your telephone session through our easy online scheduling system.

Step 2:

Provide an overview of your case and ask your burning questions

Our online questionnaire will help you organize your thoughts, prioritize your questions, and provide Mr. Benmor with the information he needs to maximize your time together.

Step 3:

Show up for your Divorce Strategy Session

Get the legal analysis, strategic advice, and practical answers you need to be informed, confident, and capable of protecting yourself, your children, and your assets.

Step 4:

Repeat as needed

Return to book another Divorce Strategy Session if and when you need more legal help.

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Ask about your most challenging dilemmas. Eliminate your confusion and doubt. Become educated about the law, and empowered to take action.

Receive actionable recommendations for your next legal move

After your session, you’ll be ready to move forward with the confidence you need to protect yourself, your children, and your assets.

Use your

Divorce Strategy Session to:

Get a clear assessment of your situation and possible outcomes

Become educated and empowered about your legal options

Discuss different ways to achieve your objectives

Discover immediate actions you should take to protect yourself, your children and your assets

Learn how to negotiate, mediate or litigate a successful divorce settlement

Improve your ability to represent yourself in mediation or in court

Evaluate your lawyer’s actions and advice

Gain a strategic advantage over your spouse

Receive actionable recommendations to meet your goals

Feel confident about your next legal move

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one of Ontario’s most qualified divorce lawyers

  • Canada’s 56 Fellows of the prestigious International Academy of Family Lawyers
  • Toronto’s 24 Certified Specialists in Family Law
  • the only divorce professionals in Canada who is certified, accredited, and licenced in all in-court and out-of-court divorce options
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Successful divorce settlements

don’t just happen

The divorce process is emotionally charged, legally complex, and full of critical crossroads. Innocent mistakes such as filling in a form incorrectly, giving in to your spouse’s demands, or saying the wrong thing to a judge can result in losing important parenting, support, and property disputes — and impact your life forever. Proactive strategic legal advice at key moments can empower you with the knowledge, insight, and confidence you need to protect what matters most.

Stop being consumed with

worry about your divorce

Experience the peace of mind of having an expert guide to guide through your most difficult divorce dilemmas. Gain the clarity you need to feel relieved, calm, and confident to move forward toward your best outcome — and get on with the next chapter of your life.